44.3lb new club record

Ed Turk with a 30 pounder

  • MEMBERS $40 entry       $10 big fish pot  
  • GUEST $50 ENTRY $10 BIG FISH                  
  • 1st & 2nd place payout
  • Team/Single member event
  • 4 anglers max per boat
  • All fish over 10 pounds released
  • 6-PM - 6- AM
  • ChannelFlatheadBlue Cats 
  • 1st  2nd 100% pay out
  • 100% big fish payout

  • Boat Ramp Rd
    Caryville, FL 32427

  • There will be a $10 big fish pot for the largest catfish. 100% will be paid back to the winner. If participating in the Big fish pot both anglers fishing on one vessel must pay per angler- $20 a boat
  • Flatheads, Channel cats, and Blues.
  • Once weighed all fish over 10 pounds will be returned to the water
  • At 5:30 pm we will start signing in members. The line will start at 5:30 pm. You May leave after 6-pm to fish
  • Each boat will be allowed to weigh 4 catfish. Flatheads, blue cats, and channel cats
  • Four fish weigh in
  • The Rally will end at 6:00 am. You must be back at the Rally point before 6:00 am. DO NOT BE LATE- After 6:00-am if your boat is not docked you can no longer weigh fish-No exceptions 
  • All fish must be alive
  • $40 will be the set entry fee for each member and $50 for guest. 80% total payout. 
  • All fish must be caught on rod & reel only.
Leader Board
  1. Team Members
    Big Fish
    Total 4 fish
  2. 5th
    Andre Summer
  3. 1st
    Joey Meeks
    4 fish 68.6lbs
  4. 3rd
    Ed Turk/ Allen Shepard
    30.7 flathead
    3 fish 46.0lbs
  5. 4th
    $44.3lbs flathead new record
    1 fish 44.3lbs
  6. 2nd
    Glenn Flowers
    4 fish 48.0.lbs
  7. $Big Fish Winner
    $44.3lbs flathead record
  8. 6th
    Tyler Walker
    2 fish 8.1lbs